i can’t even choose a favorite one omfg

this is shocking :(


cory monteith died last night. I don’t think I’ve ever cried this much before. He was so inspirational on his glee episodes and I know he would’ve been in future episodes too. And for someone to pass away at such a young age is really sad, and I will miss watching him so much. It’s sad because they were in the middle of filming for next season for next year September and he had so much greatness ahead of him. It’s just so shocking it really is. rip

won’t be on tumblr for a week


irreluhvently :

Guys I won’t be on tumblr for a while as I have really important exams coming up soon. Even though I’m probably going to fail I still feel to try so I’ll be revising. It will be for around a week but stay amazing followers :) and keep up your cool vibes.